How to Make a Small House Exterior Look Bigger?

How to Make a Small House Exterior Look Bigger?

Many people like to live in smaller homes. It’s more affordable, and there are many great designs out there that make it possible to have everything you need without sacrificing space.

But what about the exterior of your home? The way your house looks on the outside can affect how much money you make off of it, or if potential buyers will even look at it. If you want to make a small house exterior look bigger, here are some tips for how to do so!

Exterior Paint Colors That Make Your House Look Bigger

Trying to make your house look bigger than it is? Finding the best exterior house color can be a little tricky with so many house painting ideas out there.

When you paint and re-texture your house, try and follow some of these tips:

  1. Consider your house’s shape and size when choosing exterior house paint colours. Dark house paint colours make an already dark house feel even more closed off. If your house is square or angular, consider painting it white to give the house some softness and increase the sense of space.
  2. Use lighter exterior house paints for small homes on top of a darker base colour. This can trick the eye into making your house look larger than it is. Painting large house surfaces will help to open up the house and make it feel more inviting, especially if you have a dark house exterior.
  3. Use lighter house paint colours on the bottom half of your house levels to create some height. This works really well with bungalows, but can also be used on detached house paints and terraced house exterior house paint jobs.
  4. For a more modern house exterior, look for house colours that come in lighter shades like white and grey house exterior paints. These will make your home feel light, open and airy. Consider using lighter house paint colours on the trim for an extra modern house exterior painting job.
  5. Paint your front door a bright colour to make it stand out from the rest of the house’s exterior house paint. Make sure the house’s exterior colour compliments this colour, to keep your home looking uniform and stylish.
Exterior Paint Colors That Make Your House Look Bigger © jamieysteele

Put up a tall fence

You can put up a tall fence or hedge along the borderline of the house. This can give your house a bigger look. If you live in the countryside, this can also protect your house from wild animals and nocturnal grazers.

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Alternatively, you could also plant a tall hedge there. That can give your property a much better look – it will definitely enhance the look of your garden and outdoor space. You could choose between a variety of trees or shrubs that can grow into a tall hedge. However, keep in mind that trees are more expensive than shrubs since it is very labour-intensive to plant them. However, they look much more impressive in the end.

Put up a tall fence or hedge along the borderline of the house ©

Install Side Windows to get a bigger look

Install some windows on the side of your home that faces outwards and not into your backyard. This will give the impression of more space in your house.You do not necessarily need to build new walls or install big windows – you could also use smaller side lights instead.

In case you want to add bigger windows, it might be a good idea to think about installing more lighting inside your house too.

The side windows on this building do give the impression that there is a lot of space in the living room and dining room areas which is also reflected by how big this property looks.

Install Side Windows to get a bigger look ©

Add a porch or deck to make your house exterior look bigger

Add a porch or deck on one side of your home with plenty of seating and an attractive outdoor rug. You can also put a porch swing on this porch, which will give you a lot of extra space to lounge around.

You could even make it halfway through your kitchen or living room and then just add some bar stools so that you can sit down and enjoy the good weather if you want to.

Adding porch seating is a great way to take advantage of all the good weather days you get, which will make your porch area look like it’s in use more.

If you want to use your porch but don’t have enough space for a regular table and chairs, consider adding some bench seating. It’s a fantastic method to take advantage of all the nice days you have, which will make your porch seem more active.

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If you do not have space outside for porch seating, consider adding some porch seating later once you have more area or adding a porch swing.

Add a porch or deck to make your house exterior look bigger © Finding Lovely

Exterior Lighting For Small House

Lighting the exterior of your small home is the best way to make it look bigger and more welcoming. Your exterior lighting can also be used as security lights for an added bonus.

When it comes to exterior lighting you have three options: floodlights, spotlights, or low voltage exterior lighting fixtures.

Of the three exterior light fixtures, floodlights are best used for exterior lighting because they have a very bright output and illuminate a large area.

spotlights typically have a more focused beam of light so they don’t cover as much area, although some spotlights can be adjusted to spread their beams wider.

Low voltage exterior lighting uses less power than exterior lighting fixtures with transformers, but their light output tends to be less.

Exterior lighting is best placed high on exterior walls or attached to the roofline so that it doesn’t stand out as much during the day.

When choosing exterior lighting for small homes, you should avoid exterior lights that are too flashy so they don’t draw attention to themselves. Subtle exterior lighting fixtures are usually best for exterior lighting.

Simple exterior light on either side of your front door is the most common exterior lighting for small homes, but if you have a garage exterior lights can be installed on each side of your garage door so that it illuminates when opened.

If you’re looking for a way to make your small house look bigger, try using exterior paint colors that contrast with the color of the roof. Painting just one wall will create an illusion of depth and space in a room.

You can also change outside windows or add them if necessary to give more light to your home’s interior spaces. Finally, consider adding exterior lighting onto walls around doors and windows as well as on posts near sidewalks where there is no natural light from above.

Lighting the exterior of your small home is the best way to make it look bigger and more welcoming
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Above mentioned tips will help you accomplish your goal to make your house exterior look bigger without breaking the bank!

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